An equity market is a market in which shares are issued and traded, either through exchanges or what is called over-the-counter markets.

Otherwise known as the stock market, it is often viewed as potentially the most vital area of a market economy because it affords companies access to capital and investors small ownership in a company with the potential to recognise gains based on the future performance.

Equity markets are where buyers and sellers of stocks can meet. The stocks traded in the equity market can be either public stocks, which are listed on the stock exchange, or privately traded stocks. Often, private stocks are traded through dealers, this is when a trade is referred to as over-the-counter.

In the equity market, investors place a bid for stocks by offering a price, and the sellers ask for a specific price. At the point two prices match, a sale can occur. Often, there multiple investors bidding for the same stock. In this situation, the first investor to place the bid is the first to get the stock.

When a buyer is willing to pay any price for the stock, the buyer is buying at the market value, this is similar to when a seller is taking any price for the stock, the seller is selling at market value.

These conditions create opportunities within the market.

What to expect on a journey with us…

We believe everyone deserves a deep understanding of their project before being given a price. So that we can better understand your needs and cater to you fairly we offer a free consultation to clients interested in our services. This is a phone consultation where your project will be discussed by your project assistant!

The assistant will then communicate your needs and vision to the amazing good intentioned web developer and together they will come up with a quote that is karmically fair to the project! No overcharging here! If the quote works for you then we start by taking an agreed deposit to start our work! Throughout the creation of your project we show and discuss what we are producing, making sure everything is liked and on track for the best outcome possible, we then take full payment and immediately transfer 20% of the profit to a vetted charity. Once our work is complete we celebrate and honour your journey with us by sending you a little gift for coming into our experience, working with us and helping us change the world for the better.


What is the minimum account requirement?
Our minimum investment require is £2500.00 GBP which opens a junior spectrum account.
How long does it take to withdraw or deposit funds?
Deposits can take up to 2 hours to process into your account and Withdrawals can take between to 2-5 business days process depending on your banking provider.
How do I know my money is safe?
We work with recognised UK custodian client account providers to ensure our private clients receive unrivalled capital protection.
Are you FCA regulated?
We are not FCA regulated sports trading is not categorised as a financial asset. It is an alternative asset class.
Is this high risk?
No this is low risk we ensure maximum exposure is capped to a maximum of 5% dependant on the account type. Losses cannot exceed deposits for our private client accounts all trades are unleveraged.
Where can I see my balance?
You can monitor your private client account via our website on the client area you can view live APIs and trade activity from your account.


SWG is a trading name of Lidex Trading UK. Please note SWG UK is not a regulated financial investment company nor does it provide financial advise we solely focus on sport trading related activities.

Sports Trading is not a financial investment it is an alternative asset class hence there is no government appointed body specifically regulating the industry. Spectrum Wealth Group understands the importance of an ethical and balanced approach to private client consultancy and so we provide unrivalled transparency for private clients and institutional partners actively working with us. We hope in due course as this asset class continues to grow we can continue to cooperate with established government regulators in all operational jurisdictions to recognise sports trading based products as financial instruments.